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Arata, here! Master of all things Dark!

By now, many have heard of both of Kite and mine .. destruction by that of the almighty banhammer. It certainly does state it by somebody who posted a note atop the chat. Their words aside, .. the league will still continue. That is, .. once one of our accounts gets unbanhammered.

Being IP locked, I will attempt to create a name on my laptop at work, .. a crude way to get around such measures, in order to try and moderate as best I can.

The main purpose of this post is to state that the league will continue. Once everything is settled. I can't imagine being banned for too much longer.

As for the callous remarks within the chat, .. Kite at no point "ditched" anybody. Not being able to get on isn't "ditching". Its, .. uh, .. not being able to get on? How about that?

Secondly, while our actions may have been immature, they were ultimately just to be taken with a grain of salt. Just a little fun. Everybody is allowed to be immature at some point. Hell, .. Pokemon itself is pretty immature. That is, it lacks maturity. Despite it's complexities and it's entertainment value, it still really is a kids game, at its core. Neither of us deserved to be banned for such a duration for such a minor event.

So, before you start throwing insults around, take a step back and look at yourself.

SUMMARY : Me and Kite are banned. Once unbanned, the League shall continue.

P.S. Because of this situation, the Tournament may be postponed. Continue working hard at your teams. Once we are able to get into the room, we will work this out more.


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